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Transform Your Kitchen with O’Neil Fine Builders: The Premier Kitchen Remodeler in Hamilton MA

Kitchen Remodeler Hamilton MA

Are you dreaming of a kitchen that not only looks stunning but also enhances the functionality and comfort of your home? Look no further! O’Neil Fine Builders, the leading kitchen remodeler in Hamilton MA, is here to bring your vision to life. With our commitment to open communication, hard work, and expert craftsmanship, we take pride in transforming your kitchen into the heart of your home.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is undeniably one of the most vital areas of any home, serving as a central hub for cooking, dining, and spending quality time with family and friends. Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on your kitchen, making it ripe for a makeover. O’Neil Fine Builders understands the unique needs of homeowners in Hamilton MA and offers comprehensive kitchen remodeling solutions tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Endless Possibilities for Your Dream Kitchen

At O’Neil Fine Builders, we believe that a successful kitchen remodel hinges on the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Our team of design-build experts will work closely with you to create a personalized plan that addresses all your requirements. Whether you want new granite countertops, elegant hardwood or tiled flooring, energy-saving appliances, or custom wood cabinetry, we have you covered. Our services include:

  • New Granite Countertops: Elevate the elegance of your kitchen with durable and stunning granite countertops that add both style and functionality.
  • Hardwood & Tiled Flooring: Choose from a wide range of premium hardwood and tiled flooring options to enhance the beauty and durability of your kitchen space.
  • Recessed & Hanging Lights: Illuminate your kitchen with the perfect lighting to create a warm and inviting ambiance for cooking and entertaining.
  • Custom Wood Cabinetry: Maximize storage and optimize organization with our expertly crafted custom wood cabinetry.
  • Energy-Saving Appliances: Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances that not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Baseboard & Crown Moulding: Add the finishing touches to your kitchen remodel with elegant baseboard and crown moulding designs.
  • Islands, Wet Bars & More: Create a space that caters to your unique needs and preferences, including the addition of functional islands and wet bars.


Why Choose O’Neil Fine Builders?

With a track record spanning over two decades, O’Neil Fine Builders is the go-to kitchen remodeler in Hamilton MA, and throughout the North Shore. Our founder, Jim O’Neil, established the company with a vision for quality and expert craftsmanship, and we continue to uphold that legacy today. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in delivering top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project.
  • Personalized Service: We understand that every homeowner’s needs are unique, and we tailor our services to bring your dream kitchen to life.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond kitchen remodeling, we handle all aspects of home renovation, including bathrooms, to meet all your remodeling needs.


About O’Neil Fine Builders – Your Trusted Home Addition Builder in Hamilton, MA

With an impressive track record of 22 years in the industry, O’Neil Fine Builders is a renowned home addition builder serving Hamilton, MA, and surrounding areas. Our expertise lies in designing and building projects of all sizes and complexities, and our specialized divisions for Construction, Finishwork, and Handymen ensure efficient handling of any home addition project, no matter its scope. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, and our reputation speaks for itself in Beverly, Manchester, Wenham, Essex, and nearby areas in MA.

Your Dream Home Addition Awaits – Home Addition Builder in Hamilton

If you’re ready to transform your home and enhance your home’s functionality and beauty, look no further than O’Neil Fine Builders. Our expert home addition builders in  Hamilton, are dedicated to delivering top-notch quality, impeccable craftsmanship, and a strong work ethic to every project we undertake. At O’Neil Fine Builders, we understand the importance of a well-designed and functional home, and we are passionate about bringing your vision to life. Whatever you desire, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen. Getting started with your home addition is easy. Simply contact us today to schedule an appointment with our expert team. You can reach us at 978-927-7711 or by using our convenient contact form. Let’s work together to create the home of your dreams in Hamilton, MA. Experience the O’Neil Fine Builders difference, where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1)  What do kitchen and bath remodeling experts do?

Kitchen and bath remodeling experts are skilled professionals who specialize in transforming and upgrading kitchen and bathroom spaces. They handle all aspects of the remodeling process, from initial design concepts to the final installation. These experts possess extensive knowledge of the latest trends, materials, and techniques to create functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen and bathroom designs. Their services often include demolition, plumbing, electrical work, flooring installation, cabinetry, countertop installation, and more. By hiring kitchen and bath remodeling experts, homeowners can expect a seamless and stress-free renovation experience, resulting in beautifully transformed spaces that meet their specific needs and preferences.

2)  How long does a kitchen remodel take?

The duration of a kitchen remodel can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. On average, a kitchen remodel may take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete. This timeframe includes the planning phase, demolition, installation of new components (such as countertops, cabinets, and appliances), and finishing touches. However, keep in mind that larger and more intricate kitchen remodels, which involve structural changes or extensive customization, might take longer to finish. Working with an experienced and efficient kitchen remodeling company can help ensure that the project stays on track and is completed within the estimated timeframe.

3)  How long does a bathroom remodel take?

Like kitchen remodels, the duration of a bathroom remodel can vary based on the project’s complexity and size. On average, a bathroom remodel typically takes around 2 to 3 weeks to complete. This timeframe accounts for tasks such as demolition, plumbing updates, installation of new fixtures (sink, toilet, bathtub or shower), tiling, and final finishing touches. Just like with kitchen remodels, more extensive bathroom renovations, such as expanding the space or adding luxury features, may require additional time. Engaging a reputable bathroom remodeling expert ensures efficient project management and timely completion of the remodel while maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

4)  How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

The cost of a kitchen remodel can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the size of the kitchen, the extent of the renovation, the quality of materials used, and the geographical location. On average, a moderate kitchen remodel could cost between $20,000 to $50,000. However, for high-end or extensive remodels, the cost could surpass $50,000. Homeowners should consider their budget and priorities carefully when planning a kitchen remodel. Collaborating with an experienced kitchen remodeling company allows for cost-effective choices in materials and design, ensuring that the project stays within the budget while achieving the desired outcome.

5)  What defines modern kitchen design?

Modern kitchen design is characterized by sleek, clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on functionality and efficiency. Key features that define modern kitchen design include:

  • Minimalist Aesthetics: Modern kitchens often have a clutter-free appearance with simple and streamlined designs, emphasizing clean surfaces and straight lines.
  • Neutral Color Palettes: Neutral colors, such as white, gray, and black, are commonly used in modern kitchens to create a sense of openness and sophistication.
  • Handleless Cabinets: Cabinet doors without visible handles or with integrated handle designs contribute to the sleek and seamless look of modern kitchens.
  • Open Shelving: Open shelving or glass-front cabinets are popular in modern kitchen designs, providing a way to showcase decorative items and add a sense of openness.
  • Use of Technology: Modern kitchens may incorporate the latest technological advancements, such as smart appliances, touchless faucets, and integrated charging stations.
  • Minimal Decor: Decorative elements are kept to a minimum, allowing the focus to remain on the clean design and functional aspects of the kitchen.
  • High-quality Materials: Modern kitchens often feature high-quality materials, such as quartz or granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and engineered wood cabinetry.
  • Efficient Storage Solutions: Modern kitchen designs prioritize effective storage solutions, maximizing space and minimizing clutter.
  • Open Floor Plans: Many modern kitchens are designed with open floor plans, seamlessly integrating with dining and living areas to create a cohesive living space.

Remember that modern kitchen design can be customized to suit individual preferences and lifestyles. Working with a kitchen remodeling expert can help you achieve the perfect modern kitchen tailored to your needs.